Baseball Tours

ProActive baseball tours are designed to create a once in a lifetime experience for you and your team. As an international sport, baseball brings together athletes from a variety of countries, cultures, and backgrounds. A ProActive baseball tour is the perfect way for your team to experience the world by using your sport to interact and connect with the local people and create lasting memories. Whether you want to experience tropical destinations like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Australia or the rich history and culture of Italy, Czech Republic, Japan, Germany or the Netherlands, ProActive baseball tours has the perfect, custom-designed trip for you! Our global baseball network consists of all ages and abilities, from local youth teams up to professional and national teams, which allows us to match you up with the right level of competition in all of our destinations. The ProActive difference is our unique ability to create the perfect blend of sporting, cultural and educational activities that lead to a team bonding experience like none other on and off the field. Ask to speak to one of our expert baseball tour consultants today to start planning your dream team tour!

Available Destinations