Basketball Tours

ProActive Basketball tours combine athletic competition with cultural excursions including world class sites to check off your bucket list, museums, historic castles, peaceful local villages, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Each tour is personalized to your team’s needs and desires: wherever you want to go and however you want to play, we will get you there. Pairing our knowledge and expertise in international tourism with your team’s aspirations for travel, we guarantee the ultimate customized basketball tour.

Our ProActive Basketball team of specialists are experts in a variety of backgrounds fit to make your tour unlike any other. By specializing in educational, professional tourism, amateur and professional basketball, we can plan and execute your tour’s every last detail. With our exclusive network and wide-range of connections with professional/amateur clubs and teams, along with international tourism boards, we guarantee the best expertise possible for you and your team. As an IATA accredited professional travel company, we offer the lowest prices and best service in the industry.

Available Destinations


If you’re interested in taking your team on an international sports tour, we recommend thinking about the trip from all angles. You and your team will not only want to compete against local teams, they’ll want to see amazing sights as well. Traveling to Europe is a truly enriching experience that your players will always remember, and playing against a foreign team will give them a challenge like no other. International basketball tours allow your team to connect with comparable local competition- amateur teams, pro youth academies or even professional European basketball teams. There’s nothing like bragging that your team just beat a French basketball team today and, by the way, also visited the Eiffel Tower. International competition allows your players to test their skills on the court and in their personal lives. Your team will have the opportunity of playing ball on a completely different court against a friendly foreign team; it is the best away game they will ever experience and a lifetime opportunity they will never forget.


  • Round Trip Airfare (Including taxes, fuel surcharges, fees)

  • Professional expertise in planning & executing the tour

  • 2-3 full-time ProActive Travel trip leaders assigned to the team for the duration of the tour

    Trip leaders are available at all times to facilitate the effectuation of the tour, to answer questions, to handle emergencies, to translate, and to attend to other needs.

  • Games with local teams (amateur, pro youth academies, professional)

  • Access to practice/warm-up areas

  • Guided tours/activities (including entrance fees) to cultural/historic sites, museums, exhibits, city tours, and other points of interest

  • All ground transportation upon arrival of your destination

  • Accommodations each night at a classy hotel


In my opinion, if you want to combine a competitive atmosphere with some of the most beautiful places in the world, look no further than a tour in Spain. Teams of all competition levels along with many courts and gyms are scattered all around some of the top spots the country has to offer like Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, and the South of Spain. Whether you want your tour to focus on competition, team bonding, sightseeing or all of the above, you can’t lose with a trip to Spain.

Nolan Connor – Basketball Business Development Specialist