Active Sport Tours

Active Sport Tours


For the best active travel tours, our trips are all-inclusive with an emphasis on active, outdoor lifestyle for all fitness levels. Whether its walking, hiking, biking, canoeing, rafting, rock climbing, skiing, or snowshoeing, ProActive Travel is your one-stop active vacation destination. On your ProActive trip, you'll be spoiled with highly acclaimed, charming hotel and castle accommodations and fine restaurants specializing in the best of regional cuisine. Guided tours will include an experienced full-time staff member to help guide you around the beautiful destination of your choice and is available to answer any questions you may have. Self-guided tours allow you to discover the location yourself with the help of some friendly travel tips before your vacation begins.




On a guided tour, you will have the pleasure of being led by one of our expert staff members day in and day out of your tour.  You will have the same leader your entire trip, giving you the ability to continue your conversation and ask as many questions as you may need. From the moment you meet at breakfast, our staff will assist you with transportation, take you to the local landmarks, and even show you the “hidden gems” that most people will never know about!  A guided tour will give you a deeper look and understanding into the country you choose to visit and endless suggestions on how to experience your vacation to the fullest.

Self Guided


On a self-guided tour, you will have the freedom to spend each day to the beat of your own drum.  ProActive Travel will help you through the entire planning process, from booking your hotel accommodation to finding you transportation options to providing suggestions on what we believe are the “must see” landmarks. Let us handle the stress of reserving your travel so that you can fully enjoy your trip once you arrive


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