What happens to the body and soul when we travel?

You wake up every day to the sound of your alarm clock, not wanting to get up and hoping that if you wait just a couple more seconds you’ll realize that the annoying sound is actually just in the dream you were just having, and you can continue sleeping in for hours more. Unfortunately, for practice, school, or whatever commitment you may have, you have to wake up.

         After dragging yourself out of bed, half-sleeping, you make breakfast, get dressed, and go to wherever it is you need to go. All throughout the day you live mindlessly, not taking note of anything going on around you just waiting for the day to end so you can do the same mindless thing the next day. Only thinking about that party on the weekend so you can finally do something fun with your life.

         A couple months later you travel to Europe with your friends, family and teammates and you can’t wait. It’s what you’ve been thinking about for months. As soon as you land in Spain you notice everything, you see all the different mannerism people have, their weird clothes, and as you get hungry you notice all the unusual things on the menu. Olives? What happened to bread as an appetizer? Wine and soda, gross, who thought of that? After sitting and eating for thirty minutes, you realize that most people have been eating f
or three hours.

         Walking down the street you notice everything, the animals, the beautiful architecture of the buildings, even the trees seem different. You aren’t thinking of what’s happening at home or what you’ll be doing tomorrow. You’re living in the moment and enjoying every second of it. Finally, after a day of sight seeing and exploring, you head to your hotel. The rooms are so much smaller than what you expected. You almost miss the hotels in the US and realize how nice they actually are.

         This pattern will continue your whole trip, and inevitably you open your mind to the differences and begin to become more and more comfortable but unfortunately you have to go home one day.     

 Upon returning home, you remember everything you missed about it. How comfortable it is to be in your own bed, the giant Domino’s pizza, bread sticks, and chocolate cake you can have delivered to your home. You see all the beautiful trees and notice the architecture in your own town, its even nice being able to understand and speak to everyone. And while you may miss Spain and the life over there you are living in the now, with a more open mind, can see all the blessing you have in your life instead of mindlessly going through each day, waiting and wishing for it to be over.