What Type of Traveler Are You?

~photo credits to Damian Bariexca

Whether you like to travel freestyle or with a detailed itinerary, everyone prefers a different way to experience the world. It’s important to know how you like to travel, so you feel fulfilled after a unique experience catered to your interests. The best question to ask yourself is why do I travel? There’s no wrong way to do it, you just have to find the right style for you. 

Activity Chaser

Sports, challenges, and the right locations bring you all around the world’s most envious geographic sites. You have conquered the local mountains and you want to push yourself even further on the gorgeous Swiss Alps. Love of your sport brings you to a location to either share it with others by watching an international game or partaking in the sport of your choice. To make the coolest GoPro video, sometimes you must travel to extreme places. 

Casual Traveler

Relaxation is the ultimate goal of your travels. Does your ideal trip include lounging on a beach with a classy beverage for most of the time? Would you rather hang by the resort’s pool than experience the local culture? Then you are definitely a casual traveler. Getting as far away from your busy life is the reason for your trip. Whenever someone says the word vacation some of the first images that come into your mind are relaxing on a cruise ship or a beach on the coast of Spain.

Intellectually Curious Traveler

Gaining first-hand knowledge of a country is your main goal. When you visit a new place, are the museums the first thing you look for? Would you rather attend a guided tour of a library than walk aimlessly around city streets? Then you’re probably an intellectually curious traveler. If you don't already know the exact date that castles were built and wars were fought, then you most likely will after fifteen minutes after getting off the tour bus. You don’t just want to travel and experience a location; you want to learn facts too. Places with a lot of history, culture, and artistic interest easily attract your attention.

Itinerary Fanatic

You travel to have interesting experiences in the top 10 best places to visit lists. Do you have the longest bucket list out of your circle of friends? If you have written down exact locations and addresses that you want to visit, you’re probably an itinerary fanatic. You enjoy guided tours and planning out every part of your voyage into foreign territory. Even your free time is planned out to make sure that you don’t waste a second of your journey wondering what to do next.

Spontaneous Adventurer

You travel for the sake of being in a new environment and think that the best stories only happen on unplanned occasions. You don’t want to miss out on the serendipitous actions of the universe, do you? Then you’re probably a spontaneous adventurer. Just give you a map and a general sense of direction and you’re happy (although sometimes even that’s too much information). Sitting on a tour bus and taking in the tourist sights bores you more than anything because you’d rather have nothing between you and the foreign ground but fate and your best walking shoes.

Ultimate Tourist

You don’t just want to see the sights, you want to see all of the sights, check them off your list, and take the best selfies in front of them. You’re somewhat interested in the local culture, but really just want to have a long list of cool places you have been to that you don’t have to explain to people what you’re talking about. Ultimately, you would love to travel around the United States and check off all of the famous monuments on one glorious road trip.

-Melanie Friese; Assistant Travel Writer/Editor