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For a taste of Spanish culture in a lively and modern city, Barcelona is the perfect destination to consider. Aside from Madrid, Barcelona is one of Spain's most visited cities in addition to having one of the most walked streets in the world called Las Ramblas. For students studying Spanish language, art, and culture, Barcelona has many avenues to explore. Students could interact with friendly locals around the city, see art from famous Spanish artist Antoni Gaudi, who designed many infrastructures featured around the city, and experience the local culture along the Spanish coast.

To delve deeper into Spanish culture, a ProActive tour of Barcelona could also be combined with other cities in Spain such as Madrid or Valencia. Ideally, Madrid has iconic Spanish activities like bull fighting. As one of the older Spanish cities, there is more Spanish history and culture to encounter. As the capital of Spain, Madrid is often a city that students want to experience when they visit the country. Combining Barcelona, Madrid, and one smaller Spanish city would give students a comprehensive idea of Spain.

With an art focused tour, it would be interesting to combine both France and Spain to visit well-known art galleries, museums, and sites that emphasize French and Spanish artists. With two different cultures to discover, students can see and compare many different styles of artwork and architecture from various points in history. For a different perspective, a tour of Spain could also include a visit to Portugal, especially on a tour focusing on the historical ties between the two countries. Depending on how you want to experience Spain, ProActive Travel will create your tour to include your students' class and interests with our expertise.    



Snapshot Itinerary

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Bike Barcelona


AM: Discover Barcelona on an unforgettable guided bike tour, the best way to visit this beach city. Highlights include Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter and its narrow picturesque streets, Plaça d'Espanya, and more!

PM: Have some free time for shopping and exploration before enjoying dinner together to get to better know the Catalan culture.

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Beautiful Barcelona


AM: Continue a city tour of Barcelona by bus and on foot. Visit landmarks like Sagrada Familia, Placa Cataunya, and the Olympic sites at Mont Juic, and the stunning views from Mont Juic Castle

PM: Begin your evening with some free time for souvenir shopping and relaxing from the day's adventures.

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Gaudi's Unique City


AM: Spend the day exploring Antoni Gaudi's art and architecture including Casa Vicens, La Pedrera, Parc Güell, Casa Batlló, El Drac de Gaudí at Finca Güell, and more. These sites can be seen on a walking tour of the city, and additional pieces by Gaudi will be seen on a visit to a museum. 

PM: In the evening, enjoy free time to explore your own interests in Barcelona.

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