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Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, no other city in Europe has seen more change than Berlin, the German capital. The two Berlins that had been physically separated for almost 30 years have become one, and the reunited city has become a cutting-edge destination for architecture, culture, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping. After successfully uniting its own East and West, Berlin now plays a pivotal role in the European Union. But even as the capital thinks and moves forward, history is always tugging at its sleeve. Between the wealth of neoclassical and 21st-century buildings there are constant reminders, both subtle and stark, of the events of the 20th century.


Sitting on the fringes of the snow-capped Bavarian Alps, multi-layered Munich is a city that thrives on its multiple personalities. It’s one of Germany’s most visited destination, second only to Berlin, but it presents two very different faces to the world. The first is that of a modern metropolis, driven by technology and innovation, somewhat characterized by the likes of the BMW factory and FC Bayern Munich, the hyper-successful football team whose 21st-century stadium looks out over the city providing an unforgettable view and experience. The second is that of a deeply traditional town, best known for the beer-swilling rumpus of Oktoberfest, gingerbread architecture and the definitely German strain of warm hospitality known as Gemütlichkeit.


Often referred to as the self-proclaimed gateway to the world, Hamburg is Germanys second largest city and as well as its wealthiest. Hamburg has engaged in business with the world ever since it joined the Hanseatic League trading bloc back in the Middle Ages, and is now the nation’s premier media hub Hamburg’s maritime spirit infuses the entire city; from architecture to menus, you always know you're near the water. The city has given rise to vibrant neighborhoods awash with multicultural eateries, along with many other fantastic destinations and activities.    



Snapshot Itinerary

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Munich / Dachau


AM: You’ll continue today with some more of the wonderful sites in the Altstadt then some free time for shopping and lunch.

PM: In the afternoon you’ll head just north of the city to see the memorial to the Nazi concentration camp Dachau. The walls and gates, as well as some of the buildings, still stand. There is a somber but well-presented museum area to reflect on the history and learn from the past. After Dachau we would head back into the downtown for dinner together.

(Sleep in Munich – breakfast and dinner in Munich)

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AM: The group sets off from the Alps for the north of Bavaria to the town of Nuremburg this morning. We’ll arrive just after lunch and start with a tour in the historic walled old town area and castle.

PM: Nuremburg was the site of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds and after the war, the Nuremburg Trials. This afternoon you’ll have the opportunity to visit the extremely well done Documentation Center museum located on the former Rally Grounds. The museum, located in one of the old Nazi buildings, allows you to learn about the rise and fall of Hitler and the Nazi party.

(Sleep in Nürnberg- breakfast in Ruhpolding & dinner in Nürnberg)

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AM:Today you’ll spend the day at the picturesque walled town of Rothenberg. After showing you around the city in the morning, we’ll break for lunch and free time.

PM: Free time in Rothenberg before returning to Nuremburg for dinner.

(Sleep in Nürnberg- breakfast & dinner in Nürnberg) 



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